Creating a list of users (for bulk uploads)

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Bulk uploads allow you to quickly create your user database in SENAR Studio, or to assign/unassign collections to a large number of users in one single operation.

Here is how to create your user list.

Case 1: The users do not yet exist in SENAR Studio

Create your user list based on this .csv template.

  • Email, First Name, Last Name and Country must be completed for each user.
  • Country: only use exact names from this list.
  • Reference and Password can be left blank for all/some of the users. Even if you leave these columns empty, don't delete them.
  • Reference: this optional field offers you an additional sort key in reports. For example, you may want to enter a region or cost center code - depending on what is relevant to your organization.
  • Password: 
    • A SENAR password must be at least 6 characters long, and contain letters and at least one number.
    • If you enter passwords for your users, don't forget to let them know what they are.
    • If you leave this field blank, each user will automatically receive an email inviting them to create their own password.
Do not delete, rename or localize column names. The separator in your final .csv file must remain a comma, with no exceptions.

Case 2: The users already exist in SENAR Studio

  1. Go to the Users section of SENAR Studio.
  2. Use the filters to display the users you wish to export.
  3. Check the box at the top of the 1st column to select all users. You can also fine-tune your selection by unchecking the persons you may wish to exclude.
  4. Click the down arrow at the top of the 1st column and select Export.
Export users

The "Password" field in the .csv will be empty and must be kept as such. Do not delete this field or the re-import will not work.

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