Collections accessible upon approval

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To prevent misuse of your QR codes, you can add an approval level before trainees can access a collection. This can be particularly useful in the case of distance learning sessions.

How to set approval on a collection

To activate this function, simply check the "Needs approval" box next to the collection name.


On the Collections page, collections needing approval will display a little padlock in the top right corner:

Padlock on a collection

Approval Flow

When a student fills out the identification form after scanning the QR code for a collection that requires pre-approval:

  • A message will appear on their device, informing them that their access is pending approval from the instructor.
  • The instructor will receive an email inviting him/her to approve or deny the student access in SENAR Studio:

email to the instructor

  • In SENAR Studio, the instructor will grant or deny access by clicking on either the green check or red X button.

student approval in SENAR Studio

  • Once the instructor has granted access, an "Access Granted" message will appear on the student's device. The student can then install the simulators of the collection.
  • If the instructor denies access, the pending user gets an "Access Denied" message and can't access the simulators. In this case, no token is debited from your account.

You cannot withdraw access from a student after you have granted it. But if you have denied access in error, you can reverse your choice (read more).

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