Getting started with SENAR Studio (Instructor)

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In SENAR Studio, you can download the QR Codes for the collections you have been granted access to, and track how your students are performing with AR simulators.

Here's how to get started in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Get your Login

You can receive your login information for SENAR Studio in two different ways:

  • Either your manager will send you your login and password.
  • Or you will receive an email from SENAR Studio inviting you to set your own password.

If you have not received either one, please contact your manager.

If you get an "Invalid Token" message when creating your password, ask your manager to reset your password.

STEP 2: Get your QR Codes

QR codes give you access to AR simulators in the SENAR mobile app, and allow you to easily share this access with your students.

Your manager may choose to automatically send these QR codes to you by e-mail. Otherwise, you can easily access your QR Codes at any time, as follows:

  1. Log in to SENAR Studio and head to "My Profile".
  2. Click "DOWNLOAD QR CODE" on a collection to get a QR Code that you can share with your students.

download qr code

STEP 3: Launch a training session

Sharing a collection with your students is simple! Just send them your QR code via email, or display it on your screen if you are leading a distance training session. For example, you can paste the QR code into your Powerpoint presentation.

To launch a training session, students open the SENAR application either on their own device (distance learning) or on the device you provided them (on site training). Then they will proceed as follows:

  1. On the SENAR home screen, they tap "Enter as a Guest" and scan your code.
  2. They fill in their name and organization.
  3. You can approve or deny each pending request with one click on the "Approvals" page in SENAR Studio. An email from SENAR Studio will also inform you when a student is awaiting your approval.
  1. Once approved, the student can download the simulators.
  2. The AR training can start!

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