Understanding the Analytics export

Updated by Corine Barbazanges

Here is the meaning of the different columns that make up the Analytics CSV file:

  • Student: user who completed the form after scanning the QR code in the application
  • Organization: student's employer / school / university... (indicated by the student in the form)
  • Simulator: name of the simulator in the SENAR Library
  • Scenario: name of the scenario inside the simulator
  • Step: name of the step in a scenario
  • Errors: number of errors made by the student at this step
  • Time (sec.): time spent by the student at this step (in seconds)
  • Score: student's score at this step
  • Max score: maximum score that can be achieved at this step
  • Dropouts: number of times the student has dropped out at this step. When students do not complete a scenario (ie. they miss the "End of Mission" popup or the "Accident" popup), it is considered a dropout. 
  • Reference: data from the profile of the instructor who has issued the QR code (cost center, region, etc.)
  • Date: Scenario launch date
  • Try #: Try order

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